Golf Fitness Assessments

Available from Physical Therapists at Lahey Health

Let the experts at Lahey Health help you avoid injury and improve your golf game.

Our Golf Fitness Assessment Program is a full-body evaluation led by Lahey Health physical therapists that have been certified by the Titleist Performance Institute® (TPI).

Our TPI-certified physical therapists assess 14 different movements necessary for an efficient body swing. The assessment helps determine how your body is prepared for the twisting, turning, and motions necessary to golf, and provides the basic building blocks for you to swing effectively.

Your evaluation will be used to create a unique, personalized plan, which may include:

  • Working with a golf coach
  • Fitness training
  • Physical treatment
  • Mental strategy

If you’re experiencing mobility and stability issues, they may lead to future pain, injury and decreased performance in your sport.

Come for a personalized assessment and let us help you identify your issues and learn how to adapt and improve your golf swing before you’re back on the green next spring. Achieve your personal golf goals, play better, play longer, and enjoy the game more!

Why Lahey?
At Lahey Health, we strive to do all we can to keep our community as healthy and injury-free as possible.

Through our Golf Fitness Assessment, you benefit from the strength, expertise, and reputation of the entire Lahey Health system, which offers a full range of convenient and trusted services to meet a wide variety of health needs.